The Residency


The Teacher Residency Program is an alternate route to elementary certification that embraces a different approach to attract and retain teachers of color (residents) in CT:

    • TRP provides hands-on training for underemployed or unemployed adults with a pathway to a lifelong career and economic stability
    • Residents participate in courses for 18 months and work with a mentor teacher for one school year while receiving pay and benefits.
    • Residents are guaranteed a full-time teaching position upon completion of the program and certification requirements

Once accepted, candidates participate in: 

    • Orientation Meeting: Enrolled students must attend a mandatory orientation session. Students will review the Teacher Residency Handbook, have an opportunity to meet with program staff and faculty, tour the facility, and may receive additional assignments. 
    • Technology Assessment: Students complete a self-assessment of previous technology training and knowledge/proficiency in standard computer applications.
    • Praxis II:  Students must take the Praxis II prior to beginning their first course.

All TRP candidates must complete 18 months of coursework beginning in June.  Courses run 6 weeks in the summer, Tuesday and Thursday evenings during the residency and 6 weeks the following summer.  There are some Saturday courses and monthly cohort meetings during the school year.  For a list of this year’s course schedule click here: Sample Course Schedule.


Each candidate serves in a resident position under the guise of a mentor teacher for the 10 month academic school year and attend district and school-based professional development sessions.  From before school starts, residents are involved in all aspects of what it means to be a classroom teacher.


Candidates must pass the following assessments for Connecticut state certification 305 elementary grades 1-6. 

    • Foundations of Reading Test
    • edTPA
    • Praxis II*

Candidates will receive vouchers for one administration for each of the three assessments while enrolled in the program.  
*Praxis II is a pre-program requirement for admission. 


Candidates who successfully meet certification and program requirements will work with the sponsoring district to serve as a full-time teacher after the second summer under a 90- day Teaching certificate.  During the first 4 months, they take a class called Planning Seminar and are mentored by a Sponsor Teacher for support. After successful 90- day experience, candidates apply for an Initial Teaching Certification. 

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