Mentor and Sponsor Teachers

A hallmark of this program is the one-on one attention and training that our residents get from the work with experienced teachers in the field.  During their residency, a mentor teacher guides them through every aspect of teaching from August through June. In their first year as a full-time teacher, candidates continue to have support by being paired up with a Sponsor Teacher. 


Mentor Teachers will work side-by-side with a resident to share all aspects of teaching and coach the resident to becoming a fully prepared first-year teacher.  Mentors will be supported by the program coordinator and coach during the school year as they work with the Resident to help them prepare for a successful career in education.

To be considered for a Mentor Teacher position, you must:

    • Be a trained TEAM Mentor¬†
    • Be an elementary school teacher in grades 1 – 5 in good standing,
    • Must have 5 years experience as teacher and 3 years in the current district
    • Demonstrate a commitment to diversity in the field of education
    • Adhere to the following program time commitment:
      • Host a Year 1 Resident in your classroom for the entire school year
      • Meet with resident teacher prior to school year and weekly for planning and review of coursework¬†
      • Support resident teacher in preparing and meeting portfolio and assessment requirements
      • Oversee and support residents during the student teaching experience¬†¬†
      • Evaluate resident progress

Mentor Teacher applicants will need: 

    • District Approval
    • One letter of recommendation
    • Current r√©sum√©
    • Online application

Exemplary candidates will be interviewed by their district selection committee. Successful candidates will be matched with Teacher Residents prior to the summer.  

Mentor Teachers will receive $6,000.00 for the 2021-22 academic year. The stipend will be paid in two installments, at the midyear and after fulfilling the academic year placement.


Sponsor teachers support residents during their first full year of teaching.  Sponsor teachers are experienced teachers working in a similar context as the candidate.   Sponsor teachers help to guide candidates through the ups and downs as they navigate their first year of classroom teaching. 

To be considered for a Sponsor Teacher position, you must:

    • Be an elementary teacher in grades 1 – 7 in good standing in the partner district,¬†
    • Must have 3 years experience as grade 1 – 7¬† teacher¬†
    • Demonstrate a commitment to diversity in the field of education¬†
    • Adhere to the following program time commitment:¬†
      • participating at least in hour long biweekly meetings with the new teachers.

Sponsor Teacher applicants will need: 

    • Letter of recommendation from¬† current administrator
    • Current resume
    • online application¬†

Sponsor teachers will be compensated in two installments equaling $800 for one year. 

Exemplary candidates will be invited to interview and observed in their classroom by the selection committee. Successful candidates will be matched with a first year teacher by the end of September.

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