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The RESC Alliance is working with CREC to offer this program across the state at ACES, CREC, CES and LEARN for the 21-22 class.

In the 1990s, Connecticut’s six RESCs formed the RESC Alliance to create greater access to resources and savings for all Connecticut public schools. Today, the RESCs collaborate to deliver an ever-growing variety of education resources and services that schools and communities couldn’t otherwise afford. The RESC Alliance also advocates at the state legislature for laws that address and respond to the education needs of all Connecticut residents.


2020 District Partners

Fifteen residents are currently enrolled and serving their residencies in the following partnership districts. 

CREC Magnet Schools

2021-22 Partner Districts

The following partner districts have committed to having residents in cohorts in four locations across the state. Spaces are still available for additional districts to join these cohorts.

Site 1 (ACES) 

  • ACES*

  • Hamden

  • Naugatuck

  • Region 15**

  • Guilford**

  • Southington**

Site 2 (CES) 

  • CES*
  • Darien
  • Fairfield*
  • Stamford

Site 3 (CREC)

  • Bristol*
  • CREC*
  • Ellington
  • Granby*
  • New Britain*
  • Odyssey School
  • Rocky Hill
  • Wethersfield

Site 4 (LEARN) 

  • Groton 
  • LEARN*
  • Ledyard*
  • Norwich*
  • Stonington

*Early adopters       **Member of another RESC



The CT Teacher Residency Program is a proven strategy to hire and train teachers of color to become certified elementary school teachers.  This program is designed so that you have a pipeline to support high performing staff with Bachelors degrees to move to the next level and join the ranks of full time teachers.   

Program staff will work  with you to identify candidates already working in your school district or community to become certified elementary school teachers after 14 months of intense training and a full-time residency with a mentor teacher in one of your schools.  

District Partnership Costs – $65,750 per resident including: 

  • Partnership fee $10,750
  • Resident salary and benefits approximately $49K
    • Hourly equivalent to  $28,000 for 1 school year
    • 2-$2000 summer stipends
    • Benefits package
  • Mentor stipend $6,000 

Partnership Services

  • Resident recruitment, screening and selection
  • Program management and support for central office
  • Information sessions for potential Residents and Mentors
  • Resident coaching, evaluation and support
  • Mentor teacher screening and selection
  • 5 Days of Mentor Training
  • Mentor coaching and support
  • Three principal trainings on the program and diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Regular Partnership Updates
  • Monthly Residency Newsletter

Short Term Benefits

  • Improves the experiences for students of all racial backgrounds
  • Resident classrooms have two adults serving one group of students
  • Residents are highly trained by your staff for one full year prior to becoming a certified teacher
  • Mentors increase their capacity as teachers and as a coach
  • Creates a pipeline to move high performing staff to certified teachers

Long Term Benefits

  • Increases the cultural competency of residents, mentors and principals.
  • Increases the diversity and inclusion of teachers of color and closes the gap between students of color and teachers of color
  • Increases the quality and retention of newly hired teachers
  • Increases student achievement in diverse classrooms
Funding Partners

The CT Teacher Residency Program is committed to reducing common barriers to certification.  In order to keep our costs for residents to a minimum, we invite partners to financially support our work.  Our founding sponsors are shown here.

Becoming a Funding Partner

CT TRP is funded through a partnership between local districts, regional service centers, private and public funds. Your investment increases:

» The diversity and inclusion of teachers of color

» The quality and retention of newly hired teachers

» Student achievement in diverse classrooms

State Sponsors

Support mentor, principal, and resident training, and program materials and staff for multiple cohorts across Connecticut.

Regional Sponsors

Support resident tuition, course materials, textbooks, laptops and required assessments for an entire cohort.

District Sponsors

Support resident salary and benefits and mentor stipends in a district of choice.

Multi-year Sponsors

Support long-term financial sustainability of the residency model. Two-and three-year sponsor options are available.

Individual Sponsors

Individual contributions support the overall goals of the CT Teacher Residency Program. Click here to see if your company provides matching charitable contributions.


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