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The Teacher Residency Program is an alternate route to elementary certification that embraces a different approach to attract and retain teachers of color (residents) in CT:

    • TRP minimizes barriers to traditional certification admission 
    • TRP provides hands-on training for underemployed or unemployed adults with a pathway to a lifelong career and economic stability
    • Residents participate in courses for 18 months and work with a mentor teacher for one school year while receiving pay and benefits.
    • Residents are eligible for a full-time teaching position in a partner district upon successfully completing the program and certification requirements.
    • Approved by CT State Board of Ed in May 2019

This program embodies:


Cohorting builds  a collaborative environment for residents to grow and excel together. 


Equity, social justice and antiracism drive our curriculum and training for all participants. 


Residents work with carefully selected mentors for excellence in training.  


Residents demonstrate courage as they take on the challenge of an intensive program and a new career path. 


Currently, all classes are virtual and residents are working in and around the Hartford region.   

In 2021, cohorts are planned for the following areas:

ACES – Hamden/North Haven
CES – Trumbull
CREC – Hartford
LEARN – Old Lyme

Accepted candidates will serve their residency in one of the Partner Districts and take classes with others at one of the locations above. 

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